John Arms is a nationally board certified massage therapist and is currently licensed and practicing in the state of North Carolina. Since opening his practice in 2010, he has provided massage therapy in a variety of settings from private practice to spas, and has offered chair massage through coffee shops, grocery stores and in corporate settings. John blends a wide variety of techniques to cater the session to each client’s needs and preferences. While he offers the classics like Swedish and deep tissue massage, his hallmark as a therapist is his ability to work intuitively, creating a safe and relaxing space for you to explore your own healing process.


John currently offers Swedish Relaxation Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, as well as the lighter touch techniques of Reiki, Myofascial Release and CranialSacral Therapy.

Currently serving the Wilmington, NC area at the following locations:


Casa Prana Sustainable Salon

5040 Wrightsville Avenue

Wilmington, NC 28403



Tidal Creek Co-op  

5329 Oleander Drive

Wilmington, NC 28403

Chair Massage, walk in, Saturdays 11am - 2pm

Swedish Massage

Long, gliding strokes with light to medium pressure to soothe tight and sore muscles, stimulate circulation, improve range of motion, and promote pain and stress relief.


Contact John for an appointment.


Session rates:


60 minutes         $85

90 minutes           $120

Deep Tissue

Building on the Swedish style massage, this technique uses firm pressure to address tension in the deeper layers of the muscles. Recommended for those who prefer firm pressure or experience consistent muscle pain and soreness.


Connect with John for an appointment.


Session rates:


60 minutes         $95

90 minutes         $130

Myofascial Release

A subtle yet powerful technique that uses sustained pressure to address long held tension in connective tissues. These tissues run through the entire body, yet are rarely addressed with traditional massage techniques. Connective tissues can hold an enormous amount of stress and can greatly affect the body’s overall sense of well-being. No oil or lotion is used during this treatment.


Connect with John for an appointment.


Session rates:


60 minutes         $85

90 minutes         $120

CranioSacral Therapy

A light touch treatment that supports and nourishes the central nervous system. Remain fully clothed for this treatment.


Connect with John for an appointment.


Session rates:


60 minutes         $85

Reiki Energy Therapy

Originating in Japan, this subtle and relaxing form of Bodywork balances the mind, restores energy and emotional flow and supports the natural healing process of the body using only light touch and at time no touch. Remain fully clothed for this treatment.


Connect with John for an appointment.


Session rates:


60 minutes         $75

Chair Massage

Saturdays 11am to 2pm at Tidal Creek Co-op, Wilmington, NC


$1 per minute (cash, credit card or Venmo)



Onsite chair massage for your office or event. Contact John for availability.


$75 per hour


Kirtan is a Sanskrit term that means "praise." It is a heart opening practice of chanting the names of the divine and other healing mantras, typically given in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a vibratory language, meaning the meaning and power of the words are carried within the vibration of the sound of the word itself. Although knowing the meanings and stories behind the mantras will greatly enhance the experience of kirtan, anyone can enjoy the experience of chant.


Lilas songwriting style fuses harmonious vocals with fresh, modern melodies, making kirtan music accessible to listeners from all walks of life. John Arms and Marty Tribble (aka Lila) both felt a homecoming when they were first exposed to kirtan, as if the mantras were telling their hearts to pay attention. Their devotion to the practice of kirtan has shifted every aspect of their lives, bringing comfort, connection, healing and a deep sense of purpose, setting them direct on their path as teachers in the bhakti (devotion) yoga tradition. Because of their own experience with ease these powerful mantras have brought to their lives, they are dedicated to sharing this practice with as many people as possible.


2 Hour Experience

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble (and possible guest musicians)

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